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Gold CPU's for refining

CPU Gold Recycling & Refinement

Here at Northeast Precious Metals, we have worked tirelessly to develop a program to effectively and efficiently recover the gold, silver and palladium found in CPU chips. Both modern and older era CPU chips contain high levels of precious metals and the standard method of recovery has been conventional burning and refinement. However, here at our facility we take a different approach utilizing our chemical knowledge and background. Heavily gold plated ceramic CPU's (960,486,386 etc.) as well as newer lightly gold plated CPU's are all items we accept, recycle and refine. We buy and recycle small amounts of CPU's outright, but we also offer full refinement of CPU's for companies or indivuals with larger quantities. Call us today to get a quote or with any questions regarding our process.

Types Of CPU's we buy, refine & recycle

  • Intel Ceramic 960,486,386

  • AMD Ceramic K6

  • Motorolla Ceramic

  • Cyrix Ceramic

  • Fiber Celeron P3 & P4 

  • Gold Plated IC Chips

  • Gold Plated EPROM's 

Gold refined from CPU's

Come to the experts with over 35 years experience in the precious metals industry and see the difference between the large gold & silver refineries and us. Stop paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in refining fees, treatment charges and minimum deductions. We bring all of our knowledge and resources to bat for all of our customers and we will do our absolute best to ensure satisfaction with all of our services. Call us today at 508-791-2323 or fill out our contact form below to get started recycling your gold bearing CPU's and other electronic scrap.

Thank you for contacting us! We will respond as soon as possible.

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