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Gold & Silver Memory Purchasing, Recycling and Refining

Gold and silver RAM is one of the many items we buy, recycle and refine as part of comprehensive electronics recycling program. RAM is a common item generated in the repair, breakdown and recycling of computer systems and it comes in all shapes and sizes. These items contain varying amounts of gold, silver, palladium and some platinum. All precious metals are taken into consideration when determining the price paid for these items and we try to offer the highest prices possible. We purchase small qauntities of gold and silver memory from individuals, as well as do full refinements for companies generating hundreds to thousands of pounds. 

Gold and silver RAM memory for recycling and refining

Come to the experts with over 35 years experience in the precious metals industry and see the difference between the large gold & silver refineries and us. Stop paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in refining fees, treatment charges and minimum deductions. We bring all of our knowledge and resources to bat for all of our customers and we will do our absolute best to ensure satisfaction with all of our services. Call us today at 508-791-2323 or fill out our contact form below to get started recycling your gold or silver RAM memory and other electronic scrap.

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