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Gold Stripping/Recovery

At our facility we have the capability to recover the surface gold off of various components without the high costs of standard gold refining methods. Using our EPA approved gold stripping and recovery process, we have been able to cut out the cost of shredding, melting and refining associated with typical gold recovery. There is zero waste water dumped down the drain and overall it is a much "greener" method of gold recovery because of the vast amount of energy that is saved as compared to burning. Not only are we able to recover the gold for less cost, but we are also able to get added value for the materials once they are stripped, as opposed to being charged a per pound treatment charge associated with conventional gold refinement. This method of gold recovery is ideal for not only electronic components, but also for gold plated jewelry, gold plated stamping cutouts or any materials with high gold content. Check out our quick video to see how easily gold can be removed from various material.

Step #1


Material is taken in and run through our gold stripping line. The stripping time depends greatly on the thickness of the gold plated onto the material. The thicker the plating, the longer it will take in the solution. Most materials take under two minutes and many pieces can be done at a time depending on their size. Below is a list of common materials sent in for gold stripping.

  • Electronic Components

  • Connectors

  • CPU & Memory

  • Semi conductor wafers

  • Hybrid packages

  • Microwave components

  • Excess and outdated inventory

  • Stampings

  • Pins

  • E-scrap

  • All gold plated items

  • …..and more


Step #2

Once the gold is removed from the material we look for every way possilbe to capture even more value from the remaining base material. Wether it's a copper based connector or a lower grade circuit board, once the gold is removed we have the resources and knowledge to extract whatever value is left in the material. By doing this customers are able to get the most valuable metal (gold) extracted without having to refine out every other metal, but still get paid for the remaining metals. 

Step #3

Using our equipment we are able to extract 99.9% of the gold out of the solution. A sample is taken of every customers solution and run through our AA machine in order to get a very accurate readout of how much gold is present. Within 30 days of completion of the gold stripping, payment is dispersed. Customers have the option to have the stripped material returned to them, or we have the capabilities to recycle the remainder of the material wether it is a base metal or bare boards.

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