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Gold Plated Pins

Gold Jewelry

Gold & Silver Memory

Gold Bullion

Dental Gold

CPU Scrap

Here at Northeast Precious Metals we buy, recycle and refine gold from numerous items. With over 35 years experience in the precious metals industry, we have extensive knowledge in the recovery and recycling of gold in any form. Listed to the right are some of the most common items people bring or send in for recycling and refining, but there are many other gold bearing items we purchase, recycle and refine.


Some items include:

  • Gold hybrid packages

  • Gold stamping blanks

  • Gold plated wafers

  • Gold filled (1/20, 1/10 etc.)

  • Gold fiber optic components

  • Gold plated fingers

  • Dental Gold

  • Gold CPU scrap

  • Gold plated pins

  • Gold memory

  • Gold bullion

  • Gold plating solutions

  • Gold telecomm components

  • And more

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