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Catalytic Converters

Over the years we have worked tirelessly to develop a unique approach to recycling catayltic converters that has allowed us to be able to handle all quantities of converters. If you have one or ten thousand converters, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure our customers receive top dollar for their material. We offer cutting and de-canning of the converters, as well as outright purchasing of the material. Here at our facility we also purchase all foil converters, O2 sensors and exhaust stainless.

Cutting Services

Selling converters outright is the mode of operation for a lot of scrap yards, auto wrecking companies and other automotive recyclers. However there is an alternative that has always yielded more money than simply selling the converters. By having us cut your converters we are able to remove all the material containing the precious metals (platinum, palladium & rhodium) and have it fully refined. For many customers that have given this approach a chance they have seen an overall increase in value of as much as 30%. We have the capabilities to handle any amount of converters from a couple thousand up to tens of thousands. For more information on the process please feel free to contact us anytime.

Outright Purchasing

For smaller companies such as towing yards and automotive garages generating a couple dozen to a couple hundred, we recommend the outright sale of your converters. We are constantly updating our pricing based on the fluxuation of the precious metals market to ensure we offer top dollar for every converter. We offer a no obligation evaluation of any and all converters. For all local yards we offer our pickup services and payment on the spot for all converters. 


For other catalytic converter recyclers it is always a struggle to figure out if you're getting the full value of your powder. Many refineries will say they will pay 95% or better of all the metal contained in the powder, but what a lot of people don't realize is it's 95% of what they say is there. We have gone through the evolution of utilizing almost every refinery out there and we know from personal experience which ones will treat you fairly and which ones will rob you blind. We guarantee we will do everything in our power to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services and we will not stop until our clients get what is rightfully theirs.

O2 Sensors

O2 sensors are a product that is often times over looked by companies in the converter business, but they do posses some value. There is a small amount of platinum contained in the unit and they should always be removed and sold seperately. We offer outright purchasing for this material no matter the amount. For yards that are generating large numbers of converters, the O2 sensors are added value that should not be given away with the whole converter or the steel.

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